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The Autocannon is a minigun found in Singularity.

Heavy cannon that uses an automatic load system coupled with a high capacity 100 round clip. Unmatched rate of fire for extended combat engagements.

–Ingame Description


  • This is the sixth weapon discovered by Renko on Katorga-12, first found shortly after meeting Kathryn in the Rail Line level.
  • The Autocannons magazine capacity increases by 50 each upgrade, to a maximum of 200.
  • The Autocannon requires a second to spool up before it starts firing.
  • Aiming with the Autocannon instead spools up the weapon, allowing it to be fired instantly when required. However, movement speed is decreased while the barrels are spinning.
  • The weapon, once spooled, has a fire rate of just over 800 rounds per minute
  • Required for the No Time to Bleed achievement.


  • The Autocannons ammo clip is too small for the mass number of bullets it holds. The Dev team states that the piece being placed into the weapon during reload is actually an E99 device that temporally rewinds the weapon from depleted to fully loaded.[1]