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The Centurion is a revolver found in Singularity.

Ingame Description[]

A single shot revolver that fires a powerful E99 bullet. This weapon does a very high amount of damage but has an extremely low rate of fire.


  • This is the first weapon Renko discovers on Katorga-12, in the Worker's District, and the only weapon capable of breaking locks before finding the AR9 Valkyrie Assault Rifle.
  • Despite its description, the Centurion does not do much damage against Zeks or any other enemies other than the Mutants you first encounter. More than one magazine is needed to take them down unless using headshots. It is advised to switch this weapon out as soon as possible.
  • The Centurions clip capacity increases by 3 each upgrade, to a maximum of 12.
  • The weapon will be used in the final segment of the game where the player must decide to either shoot Demichev or Barisov.
  • The Centurion used at the end does not use up ammo if the shots miss.
  • The Centurion has a removable cylinder, which is loaded from the left side.
  • Required for the Pistol Whipped achievement.



  • Centurions were officers in the Roman Army.
  • The original concept for the Centurion was to be an experimental revolver capable of controlling the trajectory of the bullet. This functionality was at some point during development given to the Seeker Rifle, and the revolver redesigned.