The Dethex Launcher is a Grenade launcher found in Singularity.


Multi-purpose launcher that fires smart mutions. Standard load and radio controlled grenades do area-of-effect radius damage.


  • This is the eighth weapon discovered by Renko on Katorga-12, first found aboard The Pearl.
  • Unlike most weapons, the Dethex Launcher has 2 different firemodes.
  • The primary fire mode launches a hand grenade shaped projectile with a blinking red light which explodes after about 2 seconds.
  • The secondary fire mode, activated by using and holding 'Aim', rotates the barrel and when fired, launches a glowing sphere which rolls around and can be navigated by using the movement controls, and can even jump to move over objects or to reach a different level. Releasing the 'Aim' button causes the grenade to detonate.
  • The Dethex Launcher's magazine capacity increases by 1 with the first upgrade and 4 with the second, to a maximum of 9.
  • The guided grenade from the secondary fire can be seen when travelling behind opaque objects by an orange outline.
  • Required for both the Roller Derby and Mother My Brain Hurts achievements.