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A screenshot of Element 99.

Element 99 or E99 is a strange element that was used in Russian experiments during the height of the Cold War era. These experiments are rumored to have led to a terrible catastrophe known as the "Singularity" sometime during 1950.


Element 99 appears as orange crystals that range in size from small hand held crystals to giant man sized variants. They glow with a pulsing inner light, and larger crystals darken slightly with an effect similar to smoke rising.


The element, alone, is harmless. However, science has somehow unlocked its vital ability: to alter the flow of time. Concentrated, it can be used to alter time using a certain device. Other than this, it also seems to be a source of power and a form of currency when refined into E99 Tech.


Using the element within the TMD, one can do a variety of time-altering abilities which can affect the surrounding objects within the game. Objects that have been worn down can be restored along with their usefulness, and vice versa. The element affects both the living and non-living. Using the element as a weapon, it can project forces of concentrated energy which can be used to damage and push away enemies.

Using time as a weapon against living organisms is rather unique: against a soldier(for example), one can advance the aging process of a person, therefore reducing them to nothing but skeletons or dust. Whereas if the TMD is used against a Revert it fills their bodies with E99 energy causing them to explode violently after a few seconds.


  • E99 appears to be an equivalent to the actual element Einsteinium, although the real element has no special properties like those referenced in the game.
  • The E-99 featured in Singularity, could be a natural cousin to the artificial einsteinium.