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James Devlin
James Devlin.png
James Devlin snapshot.
Vital statistics
Name James Devlin
Age Unknown
Nationality American
Status Depending.
Location Katorga-12

Captain James Devlin is Renko's best friend and the only surviving member of their ill-fated mission. Early in the game Renko and Devlin are seperated when the EMP burst brings down the chopper. Your first task in the game is to rendezvous with him at a radio station. Devlin sends out radio messages in case of any survivors of his team. During Devlin's transmissions he panics during speech. Soon after fighting your first enemy on the island you drop down to street level. Devlin sends a message that he is in a school and that there is a man there (a mutant). "I'm in a school of some sort, and there's a man that looks like.. holy mother!"

Near the end of the library though you see Devlin and he rushes through a door which he tries to barricade. He tells you to hold off the mutants for him. Renko and Devlin then travel for a little bit when Devlin is ambushed by a mutant. You both fight them off on your way to the radio tower. For unknown reasons, Titan One has ceased radio conversation. At the radio tower, Devlin requests for evacuation over an old Russian radio. At first, only static and some unknown Russian transmissions are heard. Devlin curses his luck and swears " Doesn't anything in this god-forsaken island work? ". Demichev interrupts over the radio, " Of course not, this place was abandoned 50 years ago. Or at least, it was supposed to be. "

An APC and helicopter deploying Spetznaz soldiers arrive on scene, which Renko and Devlin must fend off. Devlin then has Renko follow him for an escape. A Russian soldier stops Renko by a hit to the face with his rifle and Renko passes out. Devlin's role in the game is cut short when he requests to speak to the American embassy. Demichev says it is impossible for a number of reasons, later to be found out that all of the world has been dominated by Russia under Chancellor Demichev's rule. He then proceeds to shoot him in the head.

  • If Renko chooses to kill himself in order to stop Demichev from being saved, he appears back in the helicopter alive, along with Devlin. Devlin is seen wielding an AR-9 Valkyrie, a Russian Military Rifle instead of a SCAR-H CQC, an American Military Rifle and calls Renko "Comrade".


  • James Devlin was voiced by Nolan North.