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Vital statistics
Name Kathryn
Age Unknown
Nationality British
Status Deceased
Location Katorga-12

Kathryn is a mysterious British agent, working for the clandestine organization known only as MIR-12. She first appears after Renko returns from his first trip to 1955, saving him from Chancellor Demichev's soldiers, but not before Demichev shoots Renko's partner Devlin. After presenting a video recording from MIR-12 concerning the altered timeline and Renko's role in deposing Demichev being revealed in the Katorga-12 journal, she directs him to find Dr. Barisov's hidden vault and retrieve the TMD.

Kathryn is next encountered after Renko returns from saving Barisov's life in 1955, accompanying him to the doctor's lab. Their paths split here, with Renko traveling through the tunnels between Barisov's lab and the trainyard. She meets up with him halfway, only to be temporarily taken hostage by Spetnaz soldiers and interrogated by Demichev as to the location of the TMD. Once rescued, the two fight their way to the yard's TMD amplifier, which is used to repair a train that is used to proceed to the docks and The Pearl.

Kathryn and Renko's paths part again at the docks, with Kathryn attempting to reestablish contact with Barisov while Renko proceeds to the dock's own amplifier to raise and board The Pearl. While Renko is aboard retrieving the E99 Bomb, Demichev's soldiers board the ship, intent on capturing or killing him. Against Barisov's orders, Kathryn attacks the soldiers, presenting a distraction, but is shot during the engagement and dragged under as the rapidly deteriorating ship sinks back into the water.

Preserving The Timeline[]

Although assumed dead by Barisov and Renko, we find out after the credits end that Kathryn is in reality pulled back into 1955 by one of the island's time distortions. Mortally injured and quickly losing blood, she uses the confusion amongst the station's personnel during Demichev's seizure of power to seclude herself in one of the station's offices and write out the messages that are found in the MIR-12 journal, messages that will set in motion her original meeting with Renko in 2010.