The Katorga-12 Security Group are an antagonistic faction in Singularity.


The Katorga-12 Security Group appears in a few missions in Singularity as the sub antagonist. Literally, They are the Security Guards of Katorga-12. and they are commanded by Nikolai Demichev, to kill several scientists including Dr. Barisov as traitors. And most of them were killed by the mutants of Katorga-12.

in 1955, they appear three times . First they appear when Renko has Stop Demichev from Executing Barisov. The second time is at the docks in 1955 and in the E99 processing complex in 1955.

And finally at the end of the game they also appear during present day in the Singularity Tower.


Battle DressEdit

The Soldiers of the Katorga-12 Security Group are wearing the M43 uniform(summer and winter type), the soviet army's uniform of WW2 .And also are wearing the soviet garrison cap and an Ssh-40 Helmet. 


all of their weapons are non-useable . But like the spetsnaz, they still drop ammo.

  • AK-47
  • Winchester Model 1887 Shotgun
  • Makarov