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In Multiplayer, people either play as Creatures or Soldiers and are pitted against each other. They take turns playing each side so games consist of two rounds.


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There are two modes for multiplayer. Extermination and Creatures vs. Soldiers.


There are two playable factions within Singularity's multiplayer, each having four unique units with individual playstyles and strategies.


Multiplayer badge for Team Sickle

The Creatures faction, also known as 'Sickle Team' is made up from different playable mutants from the single player game.


Below is a list of playable creatures in multiplayer.

  • Zek - Has a ground attack that causes a lot of damage.
  • Phase Tick - Able to walk on walls and ceilings, and can possess enemies.
  • Revert - Has a vomit attack which damages enemies and heals teammates.
  • Radion - Has a powerful attack that can take out a lot of soldiers.


The Creatures can select 2 perks to customize their character slightly. The first perk usually enhances the combat performance of the creature and has one unique creature specific perk while the second perk improves an endurance aspect of the Creature.


Multiplayer badge for Team Hammer

The Soldiers faction, also known as 'Hammer Team', is made up of various military units sent to Katorga-12. They differ from the single player soldiers in that each class possesses a unique TMD that has a 'Renew' function and one more class specific power.


Below is a list of playable soldiers classes in multiplayer.

  • Blitzer - Has a teleport TMD power that can go through walls and ceilings.
  • Bruiser - Has an Impulse TMD ability.
  • Healer - Has a healing TMD power that can heal allies and themselves.
  • Lurker - Has a shielding TMD power which can also render them invisible.


The Soldiers can select from 5 different predefined weapon loadouts consisting of a primary and secondary weapon before joining a game.


The soldiers can select 1 of 5 perks to customize their character slightly. The first 4 perks usually improve an endurance aspect of the Soldier, while the 5th improves their TMD power in some aspect.