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Mutants/Sandbox are an enemy encountered in Singularity.


Mutants/Sandbox are the first enemy encountered by Renko early on in the Workers' District, and are the result of humans who have been exposed to E99 radiation. They are highly aggressive, and can move quite quickly if needed. However they are quite fragile.


Mutants/Sandbox superficially resemble humans, but are taller and possess elongated limbs, and possess elongated fingernails that they use as claws. Their skin is pink/purplish in color, and is covered numerous lesions and tumors along with dark colored veins, giving them a heavily disfigured appearance.


Typically they'll move around in a slow lurch, however they are capable of sprinting if the need requires. When in combat they'll attempt to mob and surround their target and engage in hit and run tactics, with one Mutant running up to attack, and then backing off allowing another Mutant to attack from another direction. It is important to keep moving, and to always keep them in front of you to hinder their combat AI.


Mutants/Sandbox are quite fragile, and can easily be taken down by a single headshot, which is the recommended approach. Their limbs have their own individual health, and can be removed individually without causing too much damage to the Mutants/Sandbox, and altering their attack pattern. Removing their arms will cause them to run up and bite, while removing their legs will cause them to drop to the ground and crawl quite rapidly towards Renko. It is recommended to aim for the head, or for their main body as limb shots are generally not fatal, and won't slow them down much.


Mutants/Sandbox can be affected by the TMD's Aging power, which causes a surge of E99 energy within them. This causes them a fair bit of pain, interrupting their attacks and causing them to take on a orange hue. They then have their arms explode from the energy overload one at a time, followed up by the mutant itself exploding, killing it.




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