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A paper note.
Vital statistics
Name Note
Location Several places
Ageable? No

Throughout Singularity, Renko will find a few pieces of readable paper that appear to be notes from the now dead population of Katorga-12.

In here, you can find a list of all transcripts of it's content.

Dear Mr. And Mrs.Kojicavich,

Your son Jakov has continually been disruptive in class.  He mocks me in front of the other students and refuses to keep his hat off during class. His crude behaviour will not be tolerated. If this continues, he will be expelled from school, or worse. 

--Mrs Kozlov

When Kasha returned from the lab, she told me she wasn't feeling well because she had come in contact with an E-99 solution. I offered to take her to the doctor, but she refused saying they might terminate her. She begged me to keep quiet about it and let the sickness run its course... but then she became violent so I chained her door shut. From the terrible sounds I've coming from there, I can't bear to look in on her anymore.

--Unknown Author

I curse the day we came to Kartoga-12. Yuri is working himself to death in the labs. I keep asking him what is so important that he can't come home and sleep. But he tells me he cannot talk about his work--We would both be punished. 

--Unknown Author.