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Phase ticks are an enemy in encountered in Singularity.



Phase Ticks are insects on the island of Katorga-12 that were mutated by Element 99 radiation. Phase Ticks were first encountered by Nathaniel Renko as he traverses the sewage tunnels on the way to the railroad. While traveling through the tunnels, a support pipe breaks and Renko falls into a humongous Phase Tick hive.

Phase Ticks can cause massive damage, especially in large numbers. They attack by charging towards an enemy and exploding. A good tactic to fight off Phase Ticks are by using the Impulse function of the Time Manipulation Device or the Volk S4 shotgun. Aging Phase Ticks is also a good tactic, which causes the aged Phase Tick to expand with E-99 and in confusion, attacks other phase ticks before itself explodes. It can also be thrown at soldiers thus turning them into reverts.

Giant Phase Tick[]

While trying to escape the sewers, Renko sees a flashback where two Soviet soldiers are assaulted by a giant claw. Climbing a ladder after this event, Renko witnesses for himself the claw penetrating the concrete walls of the railway tunnels. He runs into cover in one of the train sections, which is lifted up by the Giant Phase Tick using its claw. The monster roars and Renko falls out of the train and blacks out.

The Giant Phase Tick is later encountered again after fixing the train. Renko has to fight off the creature before it destroys the train and kills you. The Giant Phase Tick, similar to the Zek King, has glowing weak points which must be shot in order to kill the creature. Renko eventually kills off the beast by standing on the TMD amplification platform, using Chrono-energy from the TMD, and shooting out a glowing beam at the creature's head, which kills it.


Phase Ticks are very weak but have very unique attacks. Its main role is a saboteur.

  • Tick Leap - Lets the user jump an incredibly far distance. If the player lands on a person they can start possessing them, but can be easily killed by someone else. Therefore, it is recommended to use this on a lone individual.
  • Explode - Explodes the E99 sack on the Tick's back killing anyone within a certain radius instanty. Doing so leaves the Tick vulnerable as it can't leap or run and is slow until it recharges.
  • Climb - A very useful ability, it allows the Tick to walk on walls and ceilings and infiltrate enemy territory. It is a good idea to ambush people from walls and ceilings.


  • Viktor Barisov likes to eat them as said in a note in his lab describing how to cook them and saying that they don't taste bad, along with the fact you can see phase tick pieces in his soup at the E99 processing complex.
  • The Infection forms from the Halo Series bear a striking resemblance to the Phase ticks. Both in appearance and fuction.
  • In the area of the service tunnels, before you repair the bridge and meet Radions There will be an area where you battle phase ticks. In that area before you fight the "dormant" phase ticks or before they light up, take a right and you should find a medkit and TMD cell. Then there will be orange light from a whole in the wall, walk there and you will see a dead body. Then crawling out of the eye socket and around to the back of the skull, will be a real tiny Phase Tick.