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The RLS-7 is a single shot Rocket Launcher found in Singularity.

Military Issue launcher that fires HE rockets.

–Ingame Description

Spare RLS-7 rockets.


The RLS-7 Rocket Launcher is a single-shot, shoulder-launched rocket weapon utilized by the Soviet Army, capable of firing rockets in either unguided ("dumb") or guided ("smart") modes.

The first mode fires the rocket in a straight line, detonating upon impact with any solid object. The second mode allows the rocket to be guided by following the circle on the crosshair, making it possible to steer it around obstacles.

Like the Seeker, the Rocket Launcher cannot be upgraded or stored in Weapon Lockers, and will be dropped when switching to another weapon or when out of ammunition for it.

The RLS-7 has a maximum of 10 rockets, 1 loaded in the tube with 9 extra. Ammo pickups for this weapon will restore 3 rockets up to a maximum of 10.


  • The Rocket Launcher is the ninth and final weapon Renko finds on Katorga-12, first found in the Processing Center.
  • You can pick up a fired rocket flying toward you and send it back to the enemies.