Radions are creatures encountered on Katorga-12. They appear as non-playable enemies in Singularity's single-player mode, and can be controlled in multiplayer. They are encountered a number of times, mainly in large open areas due to their size. A number of times they appear solitary and are very tough oponents. They are immune to the impulse ability but when it is used they are turned Orange, much like the other impulse-immune enemies Nathaniel Renko encounters. They require a large amount of shots to defeat them but, just like their multiplayer counterparts, they are exposed at the rear. A good strategy would be to place them in a deadlock then out flank them. Another encounter see's Renko facing a huge horde of them along a bridge, being fired upon by the russian soldiers. They inturn fire upon them with their lob bombs as well as the player. They are easily taken out with the rocket launcer, meaning that their thick armour may not be resistant to explosives or shockwaves, but this is speculation.

In single-player, their sole attack is a large and powerful energy projectile fired from their mouths. The projectile moves much like a mortar, traveling quickly and inflicts splash damage. In multiplayer, they gain a close-range tongue attack and can also spit out droplets of acid to attack enemies at medium range.


Radions are large, warty´╗┐, dark green/brown creatures with multiple legs. Their rear is a bundle of moving tentacles around a pink hole. They are likely mutated spiders, crabs, or toads. Evidence points to spiders as they are very arachnidic in nature.

Multiplayer strategies

The Radion is the strongest unit on multiplayer, being compared to a tank due to its thick armour. It has 3 attacks it can use in multiplayer, in contrast to its one attack single player counterpart, and these are as follows:

  • Bomb Lob- Fires a powerful beam that explodes on contact and does massive damage which arcs like mortars. This attack can be seen in the campaign as well.
  • Shard Attack- Fires little bouncy balls, each ball doing minimal damage. However, the closer to the enemy you are, the more damage this will do as more balls making contact eqaul more damage.
  • Melee- Sticks out your toungue and do damage with it. It can be seen with spikes, thorns and lumps which also looks like its armour.

Radions have a lot of health but is very weak in the rear so never expose it. Be careful around Blitzers because they can easily flank you. A multiplayer perk called Innervate allows Radions to regain energy with each successful hit. Attacking enemies with Shard Attack does not inflict significant damage, but when used with this perk, the attack rapidly refills a Radion's energy. This can be useful when low on energy, as it allows a Radion to quickly regain the ability to launch a Bomb Lob.

Advanced Tactics

The Radion is a tank. It can soak up a lot of damage and still rack up kills. The most effective way to play as a Radion, as of now, is to use it as a power class on the front lines of a game.

You'll always want Innervate and Fast Recharge as perks for a Radion. The key with this class is to always keep your energy up, and constantly deal damage to the enemy players. Innervate will regenerate your energy whenever you inflict damage with the Bomb Lob or Shard Attack. The amount of energy regained increases with the number of enemies damaged as well as the number of Shards that deal damage. Two or three Shards will recover enough energy to launch a Bomb Lob.

When playing as a Radion:

  • Always Sprint
  • Always jump when firing and dodging
  • Always be moving laterally when in combat

You want to sprint because with the Radion, you want to be relentless in your assault and always be engaged with an enemy. You'll also want to jump pretty much all the time. This will help you maneuver while firing, give you a height and accuracy advantage, and make it harder for enemies to hit you with telefrags and Spikeshots. Being in midair when using the Bomb Lob or Shard Attack will also allow you to avoid being trapped in a half-second animation that prevents you from moving and triggers when using those moves on the ground. When in midair, you can still control your movement and turn while firing; this is useful when trying to stay accurate.

Moving laterally will also keep you a moving target and harder to hit. It will save your life.

When attacking an enemy, first lower their health with a Bomb Lob. This will deal massive damage to the enemy, allowing you to finish them off with a Shard Attack. If done correctly, you can kill the target almost instantly, taking no damage and regenerating all of the energy you spend. When fighting a Lurker, hit them with Shard Attacks until their Shield goes down. Then go in for the kill.

If you see a group of enemies close together, wipe them out with Bomb Lob, as it causes Area of Effect damage.

The ultimate goal of this aggressive and mobile combat style is to push the enemy back into their spawn and set up a spawn trap. If done too effectively, however, the other team is likely to quit the match. To maximize your kills, push them back to their first respawn, and keep some distance from where they spawn while still holding a line and preventing them from moving up.

The biggest threats to watch out for are:

  • Blitzers
  • Spikeshots
  • Flankers

Blitzers have an ability called the Telefrag. What this means is if their teleport lands inside an enemy, it instantly kills them. Since the Radion is such a huge target, they are very prone to dying from this kind of attack. Likewise, Spikeshots, while inaccurate, deal a lot of damage to a Radion. It only takes about 2-3 spikes to kill one. Lastly, one must watch out for flankers that will hit you from behind. In all honesty, very few players are this crafty and you'll likely die by other means.

This tactic is most effective with a team fulfilling other roles, particularly if a Revert acts as a dedicated healer for the Radion.

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