This is the first mission you are tasked with in the game.

Renko finds himself on a dock disoriented and without any weapons. Devlin a survivor of the crash sends out a radio signal to anyone who also survived and tells them to meet him at the radio station. Renko then explores the island which shows almost no signs of life. Make your way to a multi story aprtment complex and find a weapon to shoot off the lock on the door. Go through and right your first enemy. Make your way to street level and fight off 2 more mutants. Make your way to the library. Go through the vent fight more mutants and go to the exit. At which point you will meet up with Devlin. Fight off some mutants and follow Devlin. Eventually you will be ambushed climb up the stairs and find a way to open a locked door while Devin holds off the mutants. Go through the vent and watch out at the end becuase there is a mutant pretending to be dead. Unlock the door and jump down. Go to the guard post and activate the power that opens the door to go to the radio tower. Pick up a rifle and kill the mutants. Hide from the Russian helicopter. Go to the radio tower where some dialogue occurs after which you are ambushed and then captured by the Russians. This concludes the mission.