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A Revert charging towards a soldier.

Reverts are an enemy encountered in Singularity.



Reverts are a very dangerous, and blind, enemy that Nathaniel Renko encounters in the sewers and on-board The Pearl. They are humans who were mutated by time manipulation experiments. Despite being blind, they have sensitive hearing. Even lifting objects with the TMD's gravity manipulation feature will alert any nearby Reverts.

Using the revert feature of the Time Manipulation Device, Renko can convert soldiers into Reverts. Reverts attack by swiping at their foe or expelling poisonous vomit which can cause severe health loss to Renko. Upon aging on Reverts they glow in a bright orange color and charge, before exploding shortly after.

Reverts are very uncommonly encountered in the game. Before each encounter, chronolight writings on the walls leave clues on how to attack the creatures without alerting them.


The player can play as Reverts in multiplayer. They can use a variety of moves including:

  • Vomit - Vomit on enemies. This attack has a short range and doesn't do a lot of damage but it makes the enemy have fuzzy vision and become slow. It also heals teamates.
  • Proximity Mine - You vomit out a mine and whoever goes near it will die instanty, except for teamates of course. These can be destroyed by shooting them. There can only be two from the same revert at a time so vomiting out a third will cause the first one to expire.
  • Melee - It is more powerful than a Zek's melee attack.

Reverts are slow and the only ones that have creature vision as a normal ability.


  • On the elevator heading down towards the sewers, an audio recording mentions the Reverts. The author says in the recording that he regrets sending a friend to fight off the creatures, before realizing too late, that the creatures are blind.