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The Seeker Rifle is a prototype E99 semi-automatic sniper rifle found in Singularity.


This rifle fires E-99 charged shells that alter time and allow the operator to control the bullet.

Looking down the sights of the Seeker


  • The E-99 charged shells fired by the Seeker Rifle produce powerful explosions on impact, killing most targets with a single shot.
  • Aiming with the Seeker Rifle allows the player to steer the bullet, allowing them to shoot enemies that are concealed by cover or around corners.
  • The Seeker is a special weapon that cannot be upgraded or stored in the Weapons Locker, and will be dropped when switching to another weapon or when out of ammunition.


  • This is the fifth weapon discovered by Renko on the island, first encountered in the Research Center in 1955.
  • Because the magazine is loaded into the stock, it is technically a bullpup sniper rifle.
  • Barisov says that he needs to get his notes from the safe, after you age it, the Seeker Rifle is revealed to be Barisov's "notes".
  • A reason why the Seeker Rifle isn't stored in a weapon locker is because of its sheer versatility and power.
  • The Seeker Rifle's ability to alter the trajectory of the bullet in mid-flight is reminiscent of the bullet curving trick in the movie Wanted.
  • The Seeker Rifle's fired projectile is modeled wrong, in that it fires the whole cartridge (primer on the casing can be seen) instead of only the bullet.