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An elite Special Forces recon squad is sent to investigate an extreme radiation signature originating from the obscure island of Katorga-12. Nathaniel Renko, a member of the US recon squad, is confronted by horrible mutations on the island that are apparently the aftermath of the Singularity, a Russian experiment gone terribly wrong in 1950. Renko learns that the Soviet Union's discovery and research of a rare and dangerous element known as E-99 led to the time stream being altered and now finds himself in a reality where Russia is in control of the entire world. With the help of Kathryn, a member of a secret organization known only as MIR-12, and Dr. Barisov, a brilliant scientist trying to undo the past, Renko must unravel the events leading to this new world order. While searching for these answers, Renko finds the TMD designed and constructed by Dr. Barisov, and learns he can manipulate time itself... (Read more)

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MIR-12 could use your help, solider. Renko will need all the help he can get if he wants to stop the Singularity.
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  • Some pages in the MIR-12 journal are incomplete. Go here to see what pages need finishing.
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The MIR-12 journal is currently missing some pages. To write a new article in Katrina's mysterious book, just enter the title in the box below and click the button. From there, it is up to you. Fight the Past, Save the Future, Stop the Singularity.

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 15 July 2010

Game On Sale Today

Haven't purchased your copy of Singularity yet? Singularity is featured as's Video Games Deal of the Day. It is available for only $39.99. For more information: check out here!

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 29 June 2010

Singularity Wiki in another language?

If you want to create a version of this wiki in another language, you can easily do it by clicking the "Create a new wiki" button at the top of each page, typing "singularity" as the wiki's address a…

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 29 June 2010

Game is now out!

The game Singularity is now out. Please help us in contributing to our Walkthrough, among other things needed on here. Also - enjoy the game!

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