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The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or the USSR for short

was a socialist state that existed from 1922 to 1991, and is featured prominently in Singularity. The Soviet Union is infamous for it's arms race with the United States which was named the "cold war" for it's lack of any real military action. The Soviet Union's past and future changes as Renko constantly alters the timeline.

Standard Timeline[]

In the Standard Timeline, the Soviet Union is at war with the U.S. and while looking for Uranium deposits on the island of Katorga-12, they find Element 99. Joseph Stalin who was the soviet leader at that time, commissions two scientists to research and weaponize the new chemical.

These two scientists were Dr. Demichev and Dr. Barisov. Dr. Demichev handled the political aspects of the project while Dr. Barisov focused on the chemical itself.

At some point in 1955 Dr. Demichev was killed in a massive fire in the workers district, Leaving Dr. Barisov to the scientific and political responsibilities of the project. Under Barisov's leadership the facility's funding and population dwindled.

Later that year in 1955 a massive explosion called the Singularity destroyed much of the island, and killing the thousands instantly, and leaving the remaining survivors irradiated and mutated.

Moscow buried the Incident, destroying all files pertaining to Demichev, Barisov, Katorga-12 and E-99. Their freighter The Pearl was reported lost at sea with all hands. Effectively tying up all loose ends.

After the Soviet Union fell in 1991, the Russian Federation took over responsibility of the island, and until 2010 it remained top secret. At some point in 2010 an American satellite picked up an EMP and fearing another Chernobyl, a Spartan Team was dispatched.

Demichev's Soviet Union[]

While exploring Katorga-12 Renko is hit by an EMP and due to the E-99 particles on the island, is sent back to 1955. He finds Demichev in the burning building and helps him back to the lobby of the workers district. By Saving Demichev, Renko altered the time line.

With Demichev very much alive, Katorga-12's population and funding increased tenfold. Research for E-99 excelled and at some point in 1955 Dr. Barisov created the TMD. Demichev seen the potential of the TMD, and after being denied the device by Dr. Barisov, he had him killed.

With Barisov out of the way, he was free to chose which projects to pursue. Moving away from E-99's time manipulation potential and towards it's destructive force, Demichev created the E-99 bomb. This bomb was dropped on the eastern seaboard of the United States effectively ending the cold war, with the Soviets and the victors. Within 6 months, the whole world was effectively a Soviet world government.


With his political support ever growing, Demichev seized control from then soviet leader Nikita Kruschev and declared himself chancellor for life.

Despite these successes and due to time discrepancies caused by renko's actions the singularity happened again, this time mutating the island's population into Mutants, Zeks and Reverts. The Soviets again covered up the incident turning Katorga-12 into a restriced zone.

The Soviet union remained in power until at least 2010 when Demichev finds Renko on Katorga-12. Astonished by his age, he makes one conclusion: Renko must have the TMD. Before he could be interogated, Renko is rescued by Kathryn with Demichev narrowly escaping.

Barisov's Return[]

Renko searches Katorga-12 for the TMD until he eventually finds it buried underneath Dr. Barisov's lab. He uses the device to open up a time rift and return to 1955 where he saves Dr. Barisov from being murdered by Demichev and his Soviet army.

Renko then uses the rift to return to 2010, while Barisov stays behind. In the few seconds it takes Renko to enter the rift, Barisov had already done approximately 65 years of research and had come up with a plan to return history to normal.

The Plan Involves an E-99 bomb created by Demichev and after retrieving it from the Pearl, charging it at the cooker, Renko destroys the facility.


There are 3 possible endings to Singularity and three different fates for the USSR.

  • In the canonical ending, Renko kills Demichev and chooses to kill himself in the past in order to restore the timeline. After killing himself in the fire, he and Devlin (now using soviet sayings like "comrade") are returned to their helicopter now sporting soviet markings. Renko examined his hand and seen the TMD wasn't there, implying he and Barisov remembered their ordeals. While in the Chopper, they pass by a large statue of Barisov with the TMD on his wrist.This implies that while Renko was transported back to 2010 with his memories, Barisov was transported back to 1955 with his. Using 66-67 years of accumulated research, he built the TMD again, and retook the world in the name of the Soviets.
  • If Renko kills Barisov instead of Demichev, he trains the mutants on Katorga-12 to fight for the Soviets. With his new mutant army, he gains political support and starts to overshadow Demichev. Demichev, who refuses to lose his power, builds a facility similar to the one on Katorga-12 and then builds his own TMD. The Soviet Union is then split and finds itself in another cold war.
  • If Renko choses to kill both Barisov and Demichev, than the Soviet union will persists until some years later when the Singularity explodes again with increased power. The explosion destroys the eastern seaboard of Russia and most of Alaska. The Mutants from Katorga-12 spread all through Russia and east Asia. A new leader arises in the United States (implied to be Renko) and threatens to attack Russia while they have the advantage.



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Soldiers in the 1955 era are dressed in green uniforms and sport either garrison caps or helmets. They are equipped with AK-47s, or Winchester model 1897 shotguns. Occasionally a soldier will carry a Makarov pistol with a riot shield. Some soldier are also equipped with grenades.


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The Soviets from the year 2010 are equiped with all the modern E-99 weapons, but most commonly the AR9 Valkyrie Assault Rifle or the Volk S4 Shotgun. All the Soviets from this era sport gas masks hiding their faces. They all wear flak jackets, and helmets for protection.