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The Spetsnaz are an antagonistic faction in Singularity.


The Spetsnaz appear in several missions in Singularity as the main antagonist. They are commanded by Nikolai Demichev, who was put in power by Renko's actions in the worker's district.

The Spetsnaz (which means "Special purpose forces") are elite soldiers used by the Soviet Union both in the standard and alternate timelines. After Renko and Devlin crashed on Katorga-12, multiple Spetsnaz teams were dispatched to either capture or execute them. They Capture Renko and execute Devlin, but a well timed attack by Kathryn gives Renko the chance he needs to escape.

After that point the troopers can be seen on the majority of Katorga-12 constantly patrolling the island on S&D missions. Other Spetsnaz are seen guarding critical points on the island like the rail yards.


Battle Dress[]

All of the Spetsnaz in Singularity are equipped with either night vision or infrared goggles, alternatively, they could be an unknown E-99 variant of goggles. Under their goggles they wear a face mask, whether this was for tactical reasons or for Demichev's sense of uniformity is unknown. They are also equipped with flak jackets and helmets to protect them from any sort of attacker they may find on Katorga-12. They also wear extremely advanced E99 repelling powered armor, rendering them immune to some of the more basic effects of the TMD, however higher end effects still effect them to a lesser degree.


Main Article:Weapons

All of the weapons used by the Spetsnaz (at least on Katorga-12) were enhanced or designed with E-99. The list below shows all of the weapons used by the Spetsnaz on Katorga-12

The AR9 and the Volk S4 are the most commonly encountered weapons in the game, and are used by the Standard Spetsnaz.

Elite Spetsnaz commonly use the Autocannon, but on occasion use the Dethex Launcher or the RLS-7.