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The Spikeshot is a weapon found in Singularity.


E-99 charged rail gun that fires an explosive spike. Each shot requires a brief delay to fully charge rail.


  • This is the fifth gun Renko discovers on Katorga-12.
  • The Spikeshot is equipped with an infrared scope that cannot be zoomed, but allows the wielder to see enemies in the darkest environments, making aiming easier.
    • The scope also allows you to see Echo Zeks while they are invisible.
  • Firing the Spikeshot requires holding the trigger long enough for the capacitors to charge, requiring patience to use effectively. However, the charge can be held for a short time, allowing time to aim carefully or to prepare for combat.
    • If the charge is held for too long, the crosshairs will begin to expand, and when fired, the spike will fly off course.
  • The spike will embed in creatures, persons, or objects it is aimed at, dazing the former for a short time before the explosive detonates. The resulting blast is capable of killing multiple targets, making the gun effective for clustered groups of enemies.
  • One shot will kill most enemies. Elite Spetnaz, Radions, and Echo Zeks require multiple shots to kill.
  • The Spikeshots clip capacity increases by 2 with the first upgrade and 3 with the second, to a maximum of 10.
  • Required for the You're a Hit achievement.


The Spikeshot is a very inaccurate weapon except under certain circumstances. It is generally advised to never use this weapon unless you are the host, or have a very good ping.

This inaccuracy is mainly due to lag. There is a slight timing difference between the time you let go of the trigger, and when the event registers in game, causing the Spike to end up where the cursor is looking at a split second after firing. This effect is mainly due to movement, however, moving the camera also has an effect, although it is unclear what that effect actually is. The best tactic to counter this effect is to stand perfectly still and keep the reticle where you want the Spike to end up until the Spike fires.

If you are the host of a match, or have a ping of 0 to ~15 then the Spikeshot becomes a very accurate and deadly weapon. Spikes will kill any enemy except the Radion in a single shot. Radions require 2 to 3 Spikes depending upon whether the Spike hit its weak spot or you have Increased Damage. Zeks are also immune while in phase and Spikes will fall off of phased Zeks.

An advanced tactic to use with a Spikeshot is to use it like a land mine. If you shoot one at your feet while an enemy Zek or Revert is approaching you, the Spike will detonate and kill the enemy, and hopefully save your life. The same is very effective with Phase Ticks and will kill the Tick before it can fully take you over, in most cases.