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The TMD on Renko's wrist.

The Time Manipulation Device (TMD) is an experimental device constructed in the 1950s by Viktor Barisov. As its name implies, the E99-powered device can manipulate an object's time state, aging it into disrepair and dust or reverting it into pristine condition. It is considered by many to be the key to ultimate power, and is useful both as a tool to bypass obstacles and as a powerful weapon.

Two versions of the TMD exist. The first is a very heavy, backpack-powered prototype that is cumbersome to use. The second is a more elegant solution, representing a gauntlet-like device; it is mechanically grafted onto a user's hand and operated through hand gestures afterward.

It can be upgraded in Augment Stations to serve much greater purposes and improve overall gameplay for the player.


TMD Abilities Description
  • Speeds up the aging process of objects/enemies.
  • When used on Zeks, forces them to shift between time, slowing their movement.
  • Aging phase ticks causes them to bloat up with E-99 and begin to attack other unaffected phase ticks.
  • Renews the state of objects to its original state
  • An Upgrade of the Age/Renew ability that turns soldiers into the mutant Reverts


  • Lets out a short ranged burst of energy from the device, knocking back enemies and objects.
  • Upgraded near the end of the game into "Uber-Impulse".
  • Can be upgraded at the Augmentor to increase range and damage.


  • The chronolight allows the user to pull objects that are out of phase back into our dimension.
  • These objects are covered in a blue cloud prior to the chronolight pull and if a second is pulled the previous one disappears.
Gravity Manipulation
  • The first TMD upgrade available.
  • Allows the user to lift up most objects. The primary fire button shoots the object held by the device.
  • Projectiles such as grenades or missiles fired from soldiers can be held and thrown back/away.
  • Whilst, no organic materials (i.e enemies) can be lifted by the TMD's gravity ability, phase ticks are an exception. Punting them however, causes no damage whatsoever.
  • The second upgrade found during the game.
  • Creates a blue sphere that slows objects within its range.
  • Upgradeable at an Augmentor to increase size and duration.
  • Echo Zeks are unaffected by the deadlock.
  • Creates glowing footsteps showing the player where to go.

TMD Upgrades[]

When returning back to the present time after rescuing Dr. Barisov, Renko must travel to the tower that Barisov has hidden in for 50 years. A note in his bedroom mentions that he has established several stations to assist "the man from the future". TMD upgrade machines are found around Katorga-12.

The first being the changing of the metal plate on the TMD, adding a gravity manipulation ability to the TMD. The second replaces the two energy cells above the TMD with larger ones, allowing the ability to create deadlocks. A third upgrade replaces the metal plate yet again with another. This upgrade allows to reversion to transform soldiers into Reverts. The final upgrade found in the Singularity Tower, replaces the energy cells with blue ones, increasing the power of impulse into "Uber-Impulse" and removes the need of using E-99 energy.


The TMD was created by Doctor Viktor Barisov. The TMD was hidden inside a vault in Barisov's underground laboratory. Barisov hid the TMD in this vault so Nikolai Demichev would not find it. The cavern which the vault is located in is also full of E-99 so the radiation from that would cover up the signature of the TMD. The second prototype that is the hand device is eventually grafted onto the hand of the player. The first prototype is a cumbersome device with a backpack power-source that is only seen in schematics, experimental footage, and once or twice on desks.

Schematics also reveal that the Vault that secured the device and the device itself was designed especially for Renko by Dr. Barisov even though Renko acquires it before meeting Barisov. This bizarre turn of events is caused by the repeated incursions in time and alterations in the timeline.


  • The TMD is used to solve many puzzles that the game presents.
  • As a weapon the TMD can come in handy but mainly for one on one combat as it must recharge.
  • Find Energy cells as they will quickly charge the TMD making it useful against groups of enemies.


  • The TMD was going to have an ability known as the Chronolight, but this was cut. However, it was mentioned by Barisov in a film reel. Something like this exists in the game, as the Chronoping.
  • The pulse ability was originally to only be used in the past, but it is usable in the present.
  • A video report by Barisov outside the Vault the TMD is acquired in mentions that the reason it can age/revert certain objects and not others is because only objects which have been infused with E99 can be affected.
  • Based on the appearance of metal parts grafted to Renko's glove when wearing the TMD and that Renko performs certain gestures with his hand, it appears as though the TMD is designed to be controlled via hand movements (for example..."gripping" with his fingers (gravity)).

    The backpack prototype of the Time Manipulation Device.