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Viktor Barisov
Viktor Barisov.PNG
Young Viktor Barisov
Vital statistics
Name Viktor Barisov
Age 32 (During initial meeting with Renko), 87 (When Renko returns to 2010)
Nationality Russian
Status Alive or Deceased (Depending on Renko's actions)
Location Katorga-12

Dr. Viktor Barisov is the former head of E99 research on the island research station of Katorga-12 and creator of the TMD. Holding a Doctorate in Quantum Physics from Russia's top science academy and a Master's in Biochemisty, Barisov was identified as "Russia's Einstein" and appointed personally by Joseph Stalin in 1950 to establish the "Katorga-12" research station and oversee all research into the newly discovered "Element 99." Working alongside fellow scientist Nikolai Demichev, Barisov began work on applying E99 to nearly all aspects of science and industry, including the manipulation and harnessing of time itself.

The death of Demichev in October of 1955 and increased pressure from Stalin's successor, Nikita Khrushchev, to produce results led to a disaster upon the island that killed much of the population and to the closure of the research station and erasure of its existence from all records. No further record of Barisov's life after the failure of Katorga-12, if indeed he was not killed in the accident itself, is known to exist.

Alternate Timeline[]

In the timeline created by Renko saving Demichev's life in 1955, the latter's political influence in Moscow led to increased recruitment and funding, resulting in the eventual creation of the Time Manipulation Device by Barisov. In November of the same year, after repeated rebuttals to his demands for the TMD to be handed over for assistance in his research, Demichev personally shot Barisov and had all other scientists on the island who refused to follow him branded "traitors" and executed. Barisov's death was reported as the result of a "lab accident" and Demichev assumed total control over research on Katorga-12.

Second Chance[]

A new timeline is subsequently created when Renko utilizes the TMD to travel back to 1955 and save Barisov from being executed by Demichev. In this new timeline, Barisov went into hiding after assisting Renko in returning to 2010, hiding for the next 50 years in a small lab isolated from the events of the Singularity. During the interval, Barisov designed and deployed Augmentors, stations where Renko can receive upgrades to the TMD, around the island and continued research into restoring the normal timeline.

When Renko returns to the present, Barisov directs him to Katorga-12's docks, to raise The Pearl, a ship that sank in 1955 while carrying an E99 bomb that he intends to use to destroy the Singularity. After recovering the bomb, losing Kathryn to Demichev's soldiers in the process, Barisov directs Renko to "The Cooker," a specialized reactor designed to produce E99 isotopes, to recharge the bomb. After a trip to 1955 to recharge the bomb using an earlier, active version of the reactor, Barisov accompanies Renko into the Singularity tower to set the bomb.

However, upon returning from setting off the bomb in 1955, Renko discovers that Demichev rebuilt the tower after the bomb's detonation, revealing that the "accident" that devastated the island was the E99 bomb itself. In addition, Barisov and Renko had already made repeated attempts to change the timeline, each one resulting in failure. Renko is now left with the choice of joining Demichev, killing himself in 1955, or killing both men.

"Good of the Many"[]

If the player chooses to kill Demichev, Barisov urges Renko to go back in time and kill himself as he is saving Demichev earlier (the player can also do this by just going back without shooting either men). The player then assumes the position of the man who shouted at Renko to let Demichev die in the fire, only instead of being crushed by debris, he shoots the past Renko. Shooting the past version of Renko sends the narrative back to Devlin and Renko's arrival at Katorga-12. The game's intro credits are shown written in Russian, the helicopters bear the hammer and sickle on the side, and Devlin, armed with a Russian weapon, comments that nothing ever happens on these missions and that Katorga-12 is a waste of time to be watching. The helicopter moves past the statue area seen in the intro credits, revealed to now be a massive monument to Barisov wearing the TMD. Renko seems to have retained his memories from the rest of the game as he checks his hand when he sees the monument. The Spartan team's mission is called off and Devlin refers to Renko as "comrade", implying that Barisov survived the Katorga-12 cataclysm and united the world under Soviet rule using the TMD as his tool.


Barisov is the leader of the soldier team.He only gives orders.



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