Singularity Wiki

Throughout the course of Singularity, the player can pick up, buy and upgrade a variety of weapons spread throughout Katorga-12.

Standard Weapons[]

These weapons are an essential part of Nathaniel Renko's survival against the enemies in Singularity. Two of these can be carried at any time, and can be swapped out by picking up a dropped weapon, or at Weapon Lockers.
Some of these weapons can also be found in the hands of most Spetsnaz soldiers encountered on Katorga-12.

Special Weapons[]

Unlike Standard Weapons, Special weapons cannot be found in a Weapon Locker, and are typically found lying around. They do not replace any of Renko's equipped weapons, and are dropped when Renko switches to another weapon.

  • Seeker Rifle
  • RLS-7: This weapon can also be seen in the hands of some Spetsnaz Elites.

Melee Weapons[]

These weapons are used by Renko as part of his melee attacks.

  • Knife: This is technically Renko's first weapon, and is usable up until the TMD is found.
  • Impulse: After receiving the TMD, its Impulse power replaces the Knife as Renko's primary melee weapon. Compared to the Knife, Impulse has greater range and damage, and can affect multiple enemies.

NPC Only Weapons[]

Some weapons can only be found in the hands of the games various NPC's, and are unusable by the player.

  • FN SCAR-H with ACOG and Grip: Seen only during the games opening cut-scene in the hands of James Devlin while in the helicopter.
  • Glock 17: Seen only in a holster on Devlin's right leg and also in Renko's 3rd person model.
  • Magnum .44: Nikolai Demichev's personal weapon, seen after being captured in the Workers' District, in 1955 when Demichev tried to kill Barisov, and at the end of the game in the Singularity Labs.
  • Shield: This isn't a weapon, but is carried by some soldiers in both 1955 and 2010. It can be grabbed and used as cover with the TMD, but unlike enemy soldiers, Renko cannot use his regular weapons while carrying it.

Weapons of the Katorga Security Group[]

The following weapons are primarily used by soldiers of the Katorga Security Group, although they can sometimes be seen in Echo Events during 2010.

  • AK-47: Used only by the Katorga Security Group. A soldier using this will drop ammunition for the AR9 Valkyrie Assault Rifle when killed.
  • M1897 Trench Gun: Used only by the Katorga Security Group. A soldier using this will drop ammunition for the Volk S4 Shotgun when killed.
  • Makarov: Used by the Katorga Security Group with shields, and by a survivor in a Echo Event. A soldier using this will drop ammunition for the Centurion when killed.

Multiplayer Exclusive Weapons[]

The following weapons can only be found in Singularity's Multiplayer.

  • M9A7: A Semi Automatic pistol that fires as fast as the user pulls the trigger.

Weapon Upgrades[]

Upgrades are bought in Weapon Lockers with Weapon Tech found throughout Katorga-12.

  • Clip Upgrade: Increases ammunition clip capacity (Shots fired before having to reload)
Available Clip Upgrades
Weapon Type Default Clip Size Level 1* Level 2**
AR9 Valkyrie Assault Rifle 30 38 46
Autocannon 100 150 200
Centurion Pistol 6 9 12
Dethex Launcher 4 5 7
Kasimov SNV-E99 Sniper Rifle 5 7 10
Spikeshot 5 7 9
Volk S4 Shotgun 6 9 12
*Level 1 costs 1 Weapon Tech
**Level 2 costs 2 Weapon Tech
  • Quick Reload: Reduces reload time when not sprinting
  • High Damage: Increases Weapon damage


Ammo can be found in chests, lockers, on the ground, or next to fallen enemies. It can also be bought in Weapon Lockers with E99 Tech.