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The Workers' District is a location in Singularity.


You are here. The village area contains the civilian docks, where new personnel first arrive on Katorga-12. It is home to many of the inhabitants of the island, and features a school that offers the very best in Russian education.

–Ingame audio

The Workers' District is the first location encountered in Singularity, and is home to the majority of the islands civilian and military staff.


The Workers' District can be subdivided into the following areas. They are presented in the order that they are found in.

  • Civilian Docks: This is where the game begins after Renko's helicopter crashes on Katorga-12.
  • Administration Office Building. After leaving the Docks an administrative building is encountered. Its main room is setup as a registration and orientation center for new arrivals to the island.
  • Streets. The streets of the Workers' District. In 2010 they are covered with debris, abandoned vehicles, overturned dumpsters and overgrown plants.
  • School.
  • School Office Complex. A building housing a collection of various offices located behind the school.
  • Security Yard. Features a guard post and tall walls that restrict access to the rest of the island. Leads to the Radio Tower, and also to the Research Facility.
  • Radio Tower. This is the final area of the Workers' District, and can be accessed after passing through the Security Yard and crossing a short bridge over a chasm


The following items are first discovered in the Workers' District.


  • As you go to leave the docks area, a sign above can be seen reading ГЛАВПОРТ, which translates to Mainport when translating from Ukrainian. Its Russian translation is Glavport, which is is also its Russian to English transliteration. This is likely an oversight by the developers.
  • A radio broadcast from Titan-One Actual tells James Devlin to head to a Radio Tower 30 clicks north of his current position for pickup (clicks being military jargon for kilometers). This is considerably greater than the actual distance, as 30 kilometers would take the better part of the day to traverse under ideal conditions. In-game the tower can easily be reached within half an hour.